What is Net Banking?

What is Net Banking?


Net  Banking today is a very popular and useful means of its name we've all heard and today many people use are also increasing due to which there are many advantages to using net banking ahead of today's Internet Banking faster is | Net  Banking is a service offered by the bank | Through which customers can easily access their bank account anywhere and anytime with the help of internet. 

Net Banking  is very useful for all those who are not able to go to the bank due to being busy with their work, you are troubled by the long line in the bank and do not like to go to the bank   , with the help of Net Banking , they can access their mobile or With the help of computer, all bank related work can be completed faster and easier.

Net banking is used for transactions with banks through the  Internet . Internet Banking  is  also known as Net Banking, Online Banking, Web Banking, Virtual Banking, E-Banking .

Benefits of Net Banking

1.  Net Banking  provides all the facilities that have to be obtained by visiting the bank, such as passbook, credit card, check book etc. without going to the bank, you can apply online for many things.

2. Banks are open only for a fixed time whereas internet banking   can work at any time of the night

3. Net Banking  gives the facility to view the bank account balance online. You can also see the details of past transactions in your account.

4. With  the help of Net Banking  , we can make payment by shopping online, applying for admission in any institution or applying for a job or filling the form and can also pay it online. Mobile recharge or only recharge can also be paid by sitting at home.

5. With the help of net banking at the time of need, we can send or receive money to our friends or relatives.

6. With   the help of Net Banking , many types of bank functions can be done like opening fixed deposit or other types of accounts in the bank. The important thing is that we do not even need to go to the bank to deposit money in such accounts, we can deposit all the money through net banking in these accounts.

7.  Net Banking  is used in electronic form, due to which no receipt receipt of any kind has to be kept, but you would have its electronic transaction receipt.

How To Activate Net Banking

It is very auspicious to open and operate an account through online banking.

 To start Net Banking , you will first have to go to the branch of that bank in whichever branch your account is open, then after going there you will have to fill an application form for registration. After filling and submitting this form, you will be given an ID and password by the bank to login to the bank's website, it will have to be used when you login to the bank's website.

The password you receive to use the online account should be kept well maintained keeping in mind the security reasons.

After logging in, fill whatever coordinates you get after reading it thoroughly, if you are  facing any kind of problem in starting Net Banking  , then you can call the customer care number of the bank and tell your problem and solution.

Net Banking Security Measures

It is very important to keep some special things in mind while doing online banking.

1. Do not give your online banking details to anyone.

2.  Keep a licensed antivirus on the device from which  you are doing Net  Banking whether it is computer, laptop or mobile which will keep all your details safe.

3.   It is better not to use public computer for Net  Banking login.

4. Keep changing your password from time to time so that there is no fear of your account being hacked, do not keep the password on your name or date of birth or city name etc., but keep something different which no one else can easily understand.

5. If   you have any problem while doing Net  Banking or if you have any doubt, then immediately contact your bank branch.

6. At the time when  Net  Banking  is not required, either log out or turn off the Internet. 

How to use Net Banking

1. You have  got your Net Banking installed by going to the bank  and if the User ID and Password have come, then you can use Net Banking.

2. First of all, you have to log in by entering your user ID and password by going to your bank's website, after logging in, the homepage of net banking will open in front of you.

3. Now you will have many options like My Account Payment / Fund Transfer Bill Payment UPI etc.

4. By clicking on the My Account application, you can check your complete balance, as the details come in your passbook, the same details will come in your My Account.

Bill Payment With the help of internet banking, you can make bill payment anywhere.

If you want to send money to someone, then you have to click on Payment Transfer . After clicking you will have several options that will move to the new page is to click on any transfer from it |
After clicking, a new page will open in front of you, in the meantime you will have to enter all the details of the money you want to send, such as-

Beneficiary Name you want to send money to the account of the Account Name

Beneficiary Name Account Number IFSC Code of  the account to which the money is to be transferred

Amount Enter the amount you want to transfer

Purpose Enter the message of the work for which you are transferring money

After so Accept the Term and Condition on Click Turn on and Submit  let Submit before Account Number taken once and Czech |

Now a window will open in front of you in which they will be asking whether the information given by you is correct, if you have given all the information correctly then click on the confirm button.

Now your money has been successfully transferred. Now a page will open in front of you which will be a receipt as to how much money you have transferred in this account. If you want, you can also take a printout of that receipt.


Net  banking is  a very good facility. In Net  Banking  , people's banking related tasks have been made easy. This facility is given to every Indian citizen and you should pay special attention to its security, do not share your bank related information with anyone. 

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