How to create a content structure before writing content?

How to create a content structure before writing content?

Content structure is a very important issue. Keyword research is over but if you do not know how to write then writing on any topic will be quite complicated. I believe that if a content structure can be shaved before writing, the quality of writing will be as good as it is easy to write. Today I will try to give you some idea how you can serialize your content structure.

How to Create Content Structure:

 Article competitors before writing Article should read well. This will enhance the experience of your niche. You will also get the plan.

Competitors in what is covered and what is not, you create a list.

List of missing On page issues of competition. For example, Title, URL, Introduction, H tag, Image, Keyword placement are correct or not.

For your keyword Google search and see that Google gives you suggest. Find out which topics match your keywords with suggestions. If necessary, close your eyes and think about whether something new has come to your mind. Covering topics related to your keywords will automatically cover LSI.

Now you can create a Plan like his or her paper and write many words on what subject.

  Google Suggest, Google Similar, Competitors starting points, missing write according to issues and on page issues the tricks in mind to give a writing.

 Try to only cover relevant topics without covering relevant topics. Try to write an average 2000 words article.

 Writing consider myself as a reader. Try to include something new in the article. When you are finished writing, try reading it again to understand whether your article is focused on your keywords.

 Rather than quantity focus on quality. Copy paste, stay 100 yards away from spin.

Try to put the basic keywords in a natural way in Title, URL, Introduction, H2 tag, Image tag, Conclusion. If you need to use more than once, use the same or synonym keyword. However, keywords cannot be put in pairs.

What will the Pillar article look like?

Before writing an article, contestants must check the article and understand how they are arranged. You have to be more discriminatory in the support you provide to other people.

 Things that usually need to be covered

 A fascinating introduction. Which can be in maximum 100 words. Many people get annoyed when they see big intros. So keep it as short as possible.  Try to keep the original keyword naturally in the first line of the introduction.

 Before H2 tags ( must be the original keyword ) and create a list of what you're going to do the cover.

 Product Title note, however, make sure that (search volume) volume in the Title. If you can keep the search volume of each product tile, then individual product keywords will have a chance to rank. Now give product details. Decorate with the sweetness of your heart. Write 5-10 product reviews like this.

 What you see now is the time to buy the product to a buying guide, such as. Give ideas on how to choose a good product.

 If you wish to frequently asked questions covering the FAQ. People also Ask can ask this FAQ from Google.

➤ A good Conclusion end. The summary of what you have written so far is the conclusion. Try to keep your keywords in this section.

Info Article rules of writing the same. Watch the competitors, learn to write with your intelligence. Now sit down to write. Keep on-page issues in mind when writing. So far with today's content structure. See you again with a new topic. good luck to everyone. God bless you.

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