Which is the best in blogger and world press, today we are going to compare only which one you should use and which one is absolutely best for you. 

 Because friends, many new bloggers have the problem that they will work on blogger, but on world press, friends, I would like to tell you one thing. You should work wherever you want but you should come. And you should know how to write blog posts. So you can work on both but we are going to compare it in this article, so friends, let me tell you who is blogger. 

 It is a little easier to see the world press and the wordpress is a bit difficult if you use it in the beginning then you will not know what to do and blogger it is very simple and it is a product of google YouTube But millions of videos are found on how to make my blog, I have also written an article, you can go and read it how to create a blog, friends, there are many plugins on World Press which make your work very easy.

Everything is done there automatically, if you use any plugin, you can also avoid invalid traffic by using it because there is a tool there, by doing this, if you install it on your WordPress, then you will never get any There will also be no problem because that plugin will handle your entire website and if seen in blogger, we do not get to see any plugin in blogger, we have to do all the work ourselves!

 From coding to scripts and writing posts, there is also a plugin in World Press from where you can get your post written not only by yourself but with the help of robots, that plugin makes your post complete in 1 hour. Inside and on blogger, we have to write our own post and give information to people.

Get approval on WordPress website?

So friends, approval is also available on WordPress website, let me tell you because many bloggers and new operators do not know that approval is not available on world press, it is available on blogger.

So friends, there is nothing like this, both are in their respective places and both get approval, there is only a slight difference, what is the difference in time, if you are on blogger and send your site for approval in Google Adsense. It takes at least 15 to 20 days for you.

In the review and on the other side which is our world press, we get to see the reply within 24 hours and our time is never wasted by working on the press!

Do you get Adsense approval on Blogger?

So friends, let me tell you that approval is also available on blogger website and approval is also available on WordPress site. Will not write a post on the website.

So you can't get the problem if you want to know if you get approval then you can read one of my post which I made so if you want to read it you can go and read my old post friends it is difficult to get adsense approval So no but it is not easy either.

It is only a matter of work, that means if you work hard, you will always get approval and success.

Should we do it in WordPress or Blogger?

So friends, you can use whatever you feel is right, but let me tell you one thing, you cannot work for free on World Press, you need hosting for that. If you do not take hosting, then you cannot get your website running well and blogger is a product of Google. And absolutely absolutely free, we can create a website here and get Adsense Approacher. Because also gives Adsense approval.

And if you see World Press, then if you use the free domain then you will not get approval at all, nor will you have SSL certificate on which website and if your budget is very less like less than one to 2000 If yes, then blogger is perfect for you because we need hosting at World Press and hosting comes in between at least five to 6000, here we spend a lot if you have money.

So you can work on WordPress by taking hosting and if you have less budget then you guys can work at home and the matter is which one you should use, then I would say use blogger, in the beginning it is perfect for you. When you are full of blogger, then you can shift on world press then you will not have any problem how to shift on world press If you get it, go and see it!

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So friends, let me tell you that if you want to start on blogger, then do your work as soon as you come because blogger is absolutely free and you will need hosting on WordPress and you will also have to spend a lot.

So I will tell you that you guys work at home and on Adsense approval you will get it on but you will need a lot of hard work if you tell you how to take, you do not know then you are my old post And you can also check on YouTube thank you!


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