15 Best Android Mobile Apps - Earn Money by Walking

15 Best Android Mobile Apps - Earn Money by Walking

 Money, they say, is the biggest motivator for every human action. So, if you are planning to walk but lack enough motivation, here is a list of 15 plus apps that can actually earn from walking.

Yes, these apps will pay you for every walk. In fact, some of these apps offer you discounts on your purchases which helps in taking a lot of money out of your monthly household bills.

However, before understanding the benefits of walking let me start talking about these amazing 15 plus apps that can help you walk.

Benefits of Walking:

Walking is the oldest form of exercise for mankind. Now it is known that our primitive ancestors will also walk. It is a natural human action for any normal human being. People from prehistoric times walked miles for various purposes in search of food and water or shelter.

In the modern day or in our time, walking is transformed into a completely new paradigm.

We park our vehicle at some distance and walk to our school, college, university or office. And we go to the nearest store or restaurant to fulfill our daily needs.

Additionally, millions of people around the world walk for fitness. And it is fitness that we will be discussing here.

What does medical science say about walking?

Medical science proves that walking has many different health benefits. These include weight loss, proper muscle function, and stress relief, and an increase in the speed of our metabolism as well as equitable blood supply to all of our organs.

Walking also increases testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. It keeps them young and full of vitality and vigor.

Walking is the simplest form of exercise. Because it does not involve going to the gym or buying expensive fitness equipment for home use. All you need is a walking or jogging suit or a simple cotton T-shirt and shorts. Also, include a water bottle to sip on if you feel dehydrated or thirsty while walking.

15+ Apps That Let You Earn Money By Walking:

Now if the reasons for walking and the health benefits of walking are appealing enough, here is my curated list of over 15 apps that will really get you paid for the effort.


Winwalk App is actually a free pedometer that counts your steps during each walk. And they reward you with points for every move. You get paid for the steps, a coin for every 100 steps you take. You can earn more coins for jogging, brisk walking, climbing or climbing stairs and running.

This app also allows you to connect to your personal fitness tracker. This way, you can earn extra points for exercising or using the gym. Winkwalk is not easy to use but they pay you $1 for every 100 points.

2. Fit Potato:

Currently, Fit Potato is only available for iPhone users. However, it's a great app that pays you to run. All you have to do is download Fit Potato and register. To earn money by walking you have to walk with your iPhone.

There are several weekly challenges you can find at Fit Potato. These are meant for walking, running, jogging, exercise and other fitness related activities. If you win any of these challenges along with other walkers, joggers and runners, you can earn a portion of the prize money.

3. Charity Miles:

As the name suggests, Charity Miles works for charities in the US and abroad. Here you will earn points that you can donate to a charity. These include the World Wildlife Fund, Wounded Warrior Project, Feeding America, and more. The app is for charity only.

You earn specific points for all your walks and climbs. You can track how many points you have scored from the app. And you can donate these points to the charity of your choice at any time or during the holiday season and festivals.

4. Sweat Coin:

If you are into cryptocurrency, try the Sweat Coin app to earn it. Instead of fiat money or normal cash, Sweat Coin rewards you with its nominated cryptocurrency for each point you earn from walking or doing other fitness-related activities.

This app is very popular among Americans because nowadays Sweatcoins are accepted for various shopping vouchers which have tie-up with Sweat Coin.

For every 5,000 steps you take, you get five Sweatcoins. However, with a paid or premium subscription, you can get double the amount of Sweatcoins. You can redeem your Sweatcoins for shopping vouchers at select stores. Or get paid when you collect 20,000 Sweatcoins. This amount of Sweatcoins can get you $100.

5. Higi:

Higi's latest version of the app now offers you multiple ways to earn some money. This money can be used for health check-ups at pharmacies or to purchase fitness supplements from select stores. All you have to do is download and register on the Higi app.

The app easily connects to your personal fitness tracker or anything you want to download on your Android based smartphone or iPhone. When you walk with Higi, it automatically keeps track of the number of steps. They reward you for jogging, climbing and exercising, as well as other fitness activities.

6. StepBet:

StepBet is an app where you challenge yourself. You'll need to bet $40 on yourself to meet a specific goal of walking a certain number of steps during the week. If you meet this goal, StepBet will refund your $40 plus some extra cash as a reward.

This is an app that many people want to keep fit. This is because you don't actually lose money on this app. All you have to do is set realistic goals for your running and take several steps during the week.

The tracker on the app helps you to know how close or far you are from the target.

7. Achievement:

Earlier, Achievement app was very popular among Americans as it will pay more for your steps and exercises. In recent months, they pay you $10 for every 10,000 steps you take. In a year, you can earn up to $30 by doing a few extra walks. The tracker on the app helps you know how far you are from getting $10 worth of points.

One advantage of the achievement is that you can get money for walking and many other fitness activities. It easily connects to Garmin and FitBit, among other fitness apps. Hence, you can sync both and earn some money.

Achievement is really about setting goals and encouraging you to keep going. They also sometimes have challenges where you can win prize money.

8. Map My Walk:

Map My Walk comes with two more variants, Map My Fitness and Map My Run You can use any of these apps, depending on the type of fitness activity you are into and win some prizes can. Actually, none of these apps offer you hard cash for your effort. Instead, they offer Under Armor products and other rewards.

To use the app, you will need Global Positioning System (GPS) services on your smartphone. Because this will help the app to know that you are the starting point and place. Additionally, Maps My Walk also syncs with Fitbit, Garmin and other apps that you can download to your smartphone.

9. Life Coin:

Life Coin is a very user friendly app. They will reward you with the same number of points as theirs for every step you take. It can also be easily connected to your personal fitness app. All you have to do is set your goals for walking, jogging or running and do so with your smartphone in your pocket.

You can exchange your life coins for exciting rewards such as free shopping vouchers for Amazon, Apple Store or even cash. Additionally, you can also donate these Life Coins to any charity they have a tie-up with.

There are many other rewards available on Life Coin and you can request payment through the app itself. They usually pay off within a week.

10. Healthy Wage:

Actually, if you lose weight in any way, then Healthy Wage gives you money. These include jogging, jogging, exercising and many other fitness-related activities.

This app works on betting. Meaning, you have to bet with others how much weight you will lose over the course of the week or month. And if you win the bet, you will get the amount back along with the extra cash.

However, before you start you will need to calculate your weight and height to meet the requirements for a healthy salary. That's because the app really aims to help overweight Americans shed as many pounds and stay trim according to their age, gender, and height. It's a fun app but be careful about the amount you bet on and your goals. Or you may lose money.

11.  Lympo:

Lympo pays you in its own cryptocurrency called LYM, which you earn on foot. The best thing about this app is that it also rewards you for indoor walking. This means, you can earn points for walking in your house or your neighborhood. And yes, also for outdoor daily walk and jogging or run.

You can exchange the LYM you earn at select stores for attractive rewards such as free shopping vouchers and fitness or sporting goods. The number of rewards they offer is quite high and you can choose the best fit for your personal fitness needs. They don't pay hard cash for the effort but the rewards are quite lucrative.

12. Carrot:

Carrot is a simple app if you are on a daily walk, either for yourself or to run errands at home or in the garden. All you have to do is download the app to your smartphone and carry it with you on the go. This inbuilt pedometer helps to calculate and log the number of steps you are taking on any given day.

You can also sync Carrot with Fitbit if you prefer to jog, run or walk for fitness. In this way you can earn more points. Carrot doesn't pay cash.

Instead, you can get paid for every 10,000 points in the form of shopping vouchers and other amazing rewards. They also have fitness-related quiz competitions featuring walkers, joggers and runners to earn more points.

13. PK Rewards:

PK Rewards gives you points for all types of fitness activities including walking, jogging, running and exercising. That way, the more you walk, work, run or do fitness activities, the more points you earn. This is very popular app in US because they pay well for your effort. These effort points can be redeemed for rewards.

This app pays you in Effort Coins. Each attempt coin is worth a specific amount of cash. You get $1 for collecting 20 points through walking. However, you must collect at least 200 points worth $10 to receive payout rewards. They also host regular competitions where you can score more points.

14. Fit for Bucks:

You can get rewards like shopping vouchers worth $20 for every 20,000 steps you take with your Fit for Bucks app. They are not very strict about the way you move. This means, you can walk within your home and office and earn points that will earn you these rewards.

However, you will need to carry your smartphone while walking for the app to log these points on your app.

Fit for Bucks also pays you in points for dancing, jogging, running, climbing and other fitness activities. You'll need a minimum of 20,000 points to receive a payment of $20 in the form of a shopping voucher. They pay within a week to 10 days of requesting a payment from your app itself.

15. Runtopia:

Runtopia is primarily for people who run as part of their fitness activities. However, they also reward daily walkers. This is again a very simple and user friendly app. Although Runtopia does not offer cash, you can redeem earned points for attractive rewards.

16. Yodo:

And finally, Yodo. They award you 300 points for every 1,500 steps you take. Yodo pays cash through PayPal. You will need a minimum of 10,000 points to request payment via PayPal.

The app has tons of features such as syncing with your own fitness tracker, a system to check how many points you have in your account and creating personal fitness goals.


If you are serious about fitness and are considering walking as part of your daily routine, these are the best 15 plus apps that offer cash incentives and other rewards for effort. All these apps are free to use. So, I encourage you to download any of these and earn some extra money or win prizes.

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