How to Create A Bootable Pen drive

How to Create A Bootable Pen drive

How to make Pendrive   Bootable This question definitely comes in the mind of people whose CD drive is either damaged or not, and many laptops come in which there is no CD and DVD drive, if those people If you want to install Windows then you have to make Pendrive   Bootable. In this post we will know how you can make a bootable Pendrive   without any software, plus if you have internet and you are not technical, then you can use Pendrive   Bootable. How to create (Pendrive   Bootable) –

How to create a bootable Pendrive  using the command prompt

First of all, if your computer does not have an internet connection and there is no software that can help you create a bootable Pendrive , then you can make a bootable Pendrive  only with the help of a command prompt. - 

1.           First install your Pendrive   on your computer

2.           Now press another button with the Windows button on your keyboard, which will open the RUN command. Now type CMD here and enter it, this will open the Command Prompt window.

3.           Now type diskpart here

4.           New command line window will open as soon as you type the disk part.

5.           Now here you have to type another command, whose name is list disk, take special care of spelling, if your spelling is wrong then no command will work.

6.           After typing the list disk, the list of all the desks connected to your computer will be included, which will include both your hard disk and your Pendrive  . Now to check them separately, their size will be written in front, if there will be a hard disk, then obviously It will be more than the size of the Pendrive   and the Pendrive   will be of lesser size, both will be written in front of disk 0 or disk 1, whichever disk is written in front of the Pendrive  , you have to remember the same or not, you have to type the name now. Next is to write select disk and the name of your Pendrive  . For example, if you have written disk 1 in front of your Pendrive   name, then you have to write here select disk 1 and enter it.

7.           If your disk has been selected, you will see the message, now you have to type clean and enter, this will clear your Pendrive   and delete all the data, after that you have to type Create Partition Primary and press Enter.

8.           Now type select Partition 1 and press enter

9.           Now your disk partition is one selected, now we have to format it, we will do the format in NTFS, for this you have to type format fs = ntfs quick

10.        Now your Pendrive   has become a bootable Pendrive  , now to activate always, then for this we have to type the next command to activate and enter

11.        Now simple after this you have to type Exit and exit

12.        Your bootable Pendrive   is ready, now whatever setup of operating system you have, copy it to your Pendrive   and boot your system.

How to create bootable Pendrive  by software

The second way is very simple, people who are not very technical, they can easily convert their Pendrive   to bootable Pendrive  in this way, for this you have to go to Rufus and here you have a small application You have to download only one MB, here you have to put Pendrive   in your system and just go to select option and select the disk image which is saved in your computer and click on start in few seconds. Your bootable Pendrive  will be ready.

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