How to create a Paytm KYC sitting at home

How to create a Paytm KYC sitting at home

In this era, everyone can pay online, sitting at home is also free, there will be many people among you who will be paying online, and many of them don't have an account.

There are many such apps at this time which provide online payment facilities for free and some apps have to be e KYC, so today we are going to tell you how to Paytm KYC sitting at home?

What is Paytm KYC?

KYC means "know your customer". … If you have an Aadhaar card then you can verify Paytm KYC. Apart from Aadhar card, you can also verify your Paytm KYC with voter ID, passport, driving license, NREGA card, and pan card.

Benefits of Paytm KYC

By doing Paytm KYC you will get lots of benefits like

  • The limit of keeping money in your wallet is upgraded from 10,000 to 100,000
  • No Limit on spending with your Wallet Account
  • You can transfer money to another wallet or bank account
  • You are eligible to open a Paytm Payments Bank Savings Account

How to create a Paytm KYC

You can KYC at home; there are also two way Patym KYC at home easily.

  1. Video KYC
  2. KYC at Doorstep

Video KYC: - Now the service of video KYC has been given by Paytm, with the help of which you can do KYC sitting at home, these features are very amazing, and we know how to KYC the video step by step

Step1: - Go to Paytm and click on KYC on top side


Step2: - Now you click on start my confirmation below.


Note: - Before KYC, you should keep PAN card Aadhaar card ready and check your internet connection

KYC at Doorstep: -

Step1: - To do KYC at Doorstep, click on the same given below.

Step2: - After that enter your address and then complete KYC.

Note: - The person doing KYC will come to your house and he will charge 150

You have learned how to do Paytm KYC sitting at home and this is also the case that you can never do Paytm KYC sitting at home or you cannot even tell anyone for whom you have any problem.

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