HTML Tags List in English

HTML Tags List in English

HTML tags in English: webpage is designed by tag in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The tag is always written inside the angle bracket. Along with the development of HTML, tags have also increased and different tags have been created for the function.

There are two types of this tag, Pair tag and Singular tag.

Ex: Pair: <head>…</head>, <form>…</form>, Singular: <br/>, <hr/>.

If you want to become a web developer, then you must learn HTML and remember the tags given below. Here I have made a list of some common html tags used in English.

Common HTML Tags List



<! doctype>

to define Document Type

<-… ->

Comment Tag is used to describe the source code.


to define HTML document


defines the header section of the HTML document.


to define the title of the HTML document.


defines the body of the HTML document.


Style information is defined in HTML.

 <H1> to <H6>

o create Headings in HTML from H1 to H6 Level.


is used to create a paragraph.


Horizontal Line is defined with this tag.


(Break) is used to give Single Line Break.


To define a section of a document.


To define individual sections in the (Division) Document.


Anchor Element is used to create Hyperlink.


External document to link to HTML Document.


To define the meta data of  Document.


The  image is defined.


Define  Image-Map.


To define a particular area in Image-Map.


To Define a Base URL for Related URLs.


Client side Script is defined.


It writes Alternet Content, which does not support Script.


Frames are defined in the document.


Frameset is defined.


It writes Alternet Content, which does not support Frames.


Inline Frame is defined.

HTML Formatting Tags




Abbreviation is defined.


To make text bold.


To enlarge the text from the Big Element to Normal Size.


To quote the text.


To move the element to the center position.


Defines computer code.


Text that has been removed from a document.


To define the Font, Color and Size of the text.


The text is emphasized.


To Italicize Text.


(Insert) Text written in place of deleted text is defined.


Text is highlighted.


Preformatted Text is defined.


To quote


To make text smaller than the normal size.


To do a line (strikethrough) between text.


To emphasize more important text.


Add Subrscript to Text (H2)


(Underline) To underline text.


 List Tags in HTML




Number or Order Lists are created by the Order List Element.


Bullet Lists are created by the Unorder List Element.


The data to be written in the list is defined.


Definition to Define Lists.


Description of Definition Terms is defined.


Definition Term is defined.

 Table Tags in HTML





The table is defined.


Table Caption means to define the title.


Table Header means to define cells.


Table Row is defined.


Table data is defined.


To create a group of Header Content.


Body Content is grouped.


Footer Content is grouped.


    As I do in this post, we have told about the complete HTML tags in Hindi and their usage. As soon as you use these tags, you will easily remember it. If you like the information given by us, then definitely share this post with your friends.


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