How to earn money from dailyhunt?

How to earn money from dailyhunt?

It is difficult to wish for money. Everyone knows that many of you must have been working and many people have been earning money online or may be thinking, let's know the most popular way to earn money.

We are talking about the Daily Hunt, in which you will see the news every day, with the help of the Daily Hunt, you can earn good money by writing articles sitting at home, you will also have to tell this type of news people. How to earn money from dailyhunt?

What is dailyhunt creator

You must have heard about your dailyhunt, which is one of the largest news platform in India, dailyhunt has launched a new program of its own. With the help of dailyhunt creator, you can also write your article dailyhunt.

Yes, friends, you can earn very well by becoming a dailyhunt creator, you can apply to become a creator in Dalhunt, your request will also be approved, let's know how to become a dailyhunt creator.

How to make money from Dailyhunt?

You must have known what the dailyhunt is but you have not known what to do to become a dailyhunt creator and how to be made, you will not need any documents, this paper is free, let's know step wise

Step: 1 - Go to your browser or chrome first and search dh Creator touch the first website.

Step: 2 - After that you open the first website, after opening on it, you will be asked to create an account and you can create your account from anyone, you can create an account with Google.

Step: - 3 After this, you choose your one Gmail account and you again have your mobile number Dell, after that you have come to your mobile number, OTP has created an account for you.

Step: 4 now you have to give your information by going to my profile, you will have to display your name on the date of birth media account.

Click on the submit below, it will take time to get your request approval; you can take approval 30min or even 1-2 days. After getting the approval, you can again write the article from your mobile or computer, you will have to give the complete details.

Dailyhunt creator FAQ

Q.1 When will I receive an invoice?

DH Creator is a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, which helps you to grow as an influencer or creator. Here we are providing you with a healthy ecosystem to grow and mold you as a manufacturer. In this journey, there is nothing like salary or payment. What we are offering is broad reach with large reach. But we really appreciate the hard work to make the article genuine and original. Therefore, there will be a token of appreciation based on your performance and other quality standards which falls completely under the discretion of the company.

Q.2 Where can I see my DH Creator profile?

After signing in with your registered email ID on the DH Creator Portal your profile will appear on the Dailyhunt app.

Q.3 What is the minimum consideration to pay?

Payment on the DH Creator platform is a token of appreciation based on your hard work, content and talent. It depends entirely on your posting, the relevance of the content, the use of the right hash tag / keyword and many more factors. This will help you get better engagement and ideas.

Please note that we are not promising any fixed amount to the creators nor is it a salary-based revenue model where you will be promised month-to-month payments.


You have created and submitted an account, now you have understood how to earn money from dailyhunt? And after you get approval, you can also change your profile, you can earn a lot of money by writing articles.

You have understood almost everything, now you can start earning, if you want to work with me, and then please write in the comment below.

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